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Too Tired To Keep On

I was written in black magic marker in the men's room of the 7 Brother's Bar:

"If you need an outward sign to know your own, you don't belong."  - Wolfgang Saure

I was amazed.  It was the reason I left my house today.  I had a jolly time rollicking around while the nameless blues group treaded beer long enough to bang out a few memorable cover songs.  But I hadn't left the house for that.  I left the cozy warmth of my home to find something.  You never know if it is the utility truck carrying a ladder as if it were a pencil tucked behind it's ear or the absurd conversation with the 24 hour department store clerk claiming that the farmer's almanac has predicted the exact time the world will "end".  But it turned out to be old Wolfgang Saure.  That bastard gave me an ear ache.

Who the hell is Wolfgang Saure (Sauer?)?

"If you can't fall in love to Jimi Hendrix, you can't fall in love"  - Andy L

God, that bastard might be right.  Hendrix put a curse on me.  Long story, maybe another time.

Who the hell is Wolfgang Saure (Sauer?)?

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