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real life tales of marginal excess

I went to a party tonight.  It was fun, funny and totally bizaare.  The girls seemed to like me, which is unusual.  Maybe girls notice me more often than I realize.  Either way, my ego is boosted.  One girl asked me if I was gay, which was kinda cute.  How sheltered she must be?  Or perhaps I just give off that vibe?  More often than I would like, men have hit on me.  All in all, it means I am pretty much what I consider myself... and what I consider myself is completely different.  I am not a man in the conventional sense.  I am not bound by a culturally defined gender role.  This is true, at least I think so.  At least I try.  Whatever.  I am trying to shed cultural norms on all fronts.  Hello ostracization!

Speaking of latent homosexuality (har har), today is the Super Bowl.  Hooray!  I wonder if I'll get to see Paul McCartney's nipple?  I dare hope against hope that the Eagles win.  More than anything I just want to see a good game.  Please, please, please...  just gimme a good game!

I should probably sleep sometime soon.  I feel dizzy and the direct sunlight isn't helping me much.  Good Night!!

Jimmie Lunceford!

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