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welcome to

i am a person you can grow to trust.
i am the person you have always wanted to meet.
i am the e-person that will save you.
i am the savior of humanity as long as you are a manatee.
i am your hate and love as long as you like people that will wear kid-gloves.
i am a trusty type of rusty soul... older than you but more youthful than your hope.
i am the best person you have never laid eyes on.
i am nothing and everything all at once.
i am honest.
i am bvery lovely and loving.
i am the kind of person you can tell all of your secrets to.
i am end my sentences with prepositions.
i am your lover.
i am a hateful hatful of misperceptions.
i am full of empty promises and total lies, i say this with full-out lying on my mind.
i am a liar, believe me.
i am the most jagged diamond in the rough.
i am a very good friend, the kind that listens and never judges.
i am your warm blanket.
i am a pretty snazzy dresser, if you'd like to trade secrets.
i am warm if you were willing to touch me.
i am the person you lost track of along the way to where you are but you can still find me.
i am very available, even upon call, i make in-house visits.
i am affordable.
i am easily amazed.
i am the kind of chap that can show you where life is worth living and where it is worth giving out.
i am so very interesting that you will listen to me (even read this far).
i am the kind of person that would never insult your intelligence.
i am your favorite flavor of vanilla.
i am the salt of the earth.
i am trying to break your heart.
i am a skipping record.
i am a skipping record.
i am a skipping record.
i am a skipping record.
i am a skipping record.
i am the taste of blood within you nostrils.
i am death inside your wet hole.
i am death dripping from your eager rod.
i am deat death death death death death death death.
i am a skipping record.
i am a skipping record.
i am the shirt coming right off your back.
i am the sword hanging right over your head.
i am nothing at all.
i am a story tailor.
i am a story teller.
i am a liar and one half of a liar.
i am your favorite liar.
i am a bouncing rubber ball bouncing down the hall.
i am your favorite high school english teacher before he gave up.
i am the latest winner of the indianapolis 500.
i am the poster child for the apocolypse.
i am runny, red and a drop dead example of "taking too much time."
i am the last person on the bus.
i am an asshole (that is the truth!).
i am the antichrist (sorry billy).
i am an ex-adolescent pro-bubblegum unionbreaking homeless pro-bono lawyer just trying to make my name.
i am kissing the asshole of humaity, just trying to get a taste of life... aye aye aye aye aye aye.
i am the death trying to find the life they promised me.
i am the holiday la la la la la allah allah allah allah allah.
i am god telling you the atheists was right.
i am god's god hating him as much as you hated them.
i am not making sense.
i am the senses lying.
i am the tick-tock of every goddamn clock.
i am mucking up your friends page.
i am smoking a cigarette because i know it will kill me and that makes it cool.
i am unbearably cool.
i am trying extremely hard to blow your mind.
i am blowing hot air.
i am hot.
i am air.
i am blowing.
i am what i am and that is all that i am and so what if it is all i will ever be, i am what i am.
i am naked while on the internet.
i am bearing witness to a freakout.
i am not holding you responsible.
i am on the brink of being honest.
i am not holding you responsible.
i am not talking about you.
i am on the brink or forgeting to lie.
i am not lying.
i am not sure whn i am lying.
i lie all the time.
i am taking everything back to where it once was before.
i am crawling into the death cycle.
i am changing the song because this is killing my mindframe.
i am emo.
i am talking as long as i can so i can feel better about everything i have said.
i am trying to obscure whatever i have said by talking too long to be listened to.
i am making an inane liejournal post.
i am daring you to stop caring.
i am not caring.
i am not sure if i can still lie to myself as well as i lie to everything else.
i am pretty suicidal but not really planning on it.
i am telling you to look away.
i am drinking again.
i am listening to better reasoning on account of of my penchant for lying.
i am lying.
i am a letter and a number away from being your savior.
i am more interested in serving others than myself.
i am a selfish bastard.
i am forgetting to become a psychic youth for the sixth time.
i am as sober as i would ever want to be.
i am as ready to die as i would never want to be.
i am moving to california.
i am back where i started all over again.
i am the devil's piano.
i am a keystroke away.
i am what an am would never wish to be.
i am a hack within a whacks distance of changing the world.
i am as insignificant as your last girlfriend.
i am a broken i-beam on a condemned house.
i am the total and utter ineptness of the worst poet to ever wish his washy thoughts on a deaf world.
i am tring to hard to be hated.
i am going on and on and on and on and on and on...

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