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Fast Times at Rx High

I was flipping through one of the local free magazine/rag thingies (every city has 'em, you know what I mean) and perused the usual want-ads for bar help and other such fare when I came across a few very interesting ads (no, not the escort services).  I think I have found a viable, short-term employment opportunity (again, no.  not the escort ads!).  What is this financial endeavor?  Professional Guinea Pig!

A few of the advertisments asked for 8 day inpatient treatment designed for either types of people, those that have trouble falling asleep and those that don't.  I honestly don't know which one I am, I'll let them figure it out.  Another requested "recreational stimulant users" for a 9 day inpatient study.  Getting paid to eat drugs and/or sleep?  One of them will pay $2000 for 8 days of "work."  Hot damn, have I hit the motherlode?  This treatment may be what cures my ailing wallet.  Anyone else ever do this?  Know someone that did?  What happened?  Was it okay?  I'll be making follow up phone calls to all of these clinics later today and/or tomorrow morning.  What questions do you think I should ask?

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